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[Message] Anonymous user:Payment complete (2015-03-21 23:24:35)
I just completed payment for order 2015032157374, it should be in your bank account tomorrow after 11am. Please update me once shipped.
Admin Reply
Thanks for your payment. We will ready the goods for delivery
[Complaint] Anonymous user:Payment Done But No Reply (2015-03-18 11:51:31)
This is my order no 2015031665456, I already bank in the payment n sent the email after this but till now still didn't receive any reply from you. My order status still unconfirm. Can you please check it n get back to me ASAP? Thanks.
Admin Reply
Reply already.
[Complaint] Anonymous user:Payment Done But No Reply (2015-03-18 11:47:16)
My order no is 2015031665456, I already done the payment, and send the email after this, but until now, my order status is still unconfirm and no reply at all. Can u please check it and get back to me ASAP? Thanks.
Admin Reply
Reply already.
[Comment] FatriciaLee:User CommentsSimple Dimple Shield Diaper Bag (Cow) (2015-03-17 16:33:21)5
Got black colour? What is the size?
Admin Reply
no have black colour,is normal size
[Complaint] amirah:please check my order (2015-03-17 12:20:53)
still waiting... no reply..
Admin Reply
[Enquiry] amirah:payment done please check (2015-03-17 11:46:17)
2015031780486..that my invoice number.. i don't receive any email about my status order.. i alredy send payment slip to your email.. please let me know asap ok.. hope can proceed my order in this week.
Admin Reply
ok,we posout today.
[Comment] Anonymous user:User CommentsBaby Bib - I love daddy (2pcs/pk) (2015-03-08 13:25:25)5
does this one has button at the neck?
Admin Reply
yes button at neck.
[Message] joannetsvee:payment (2015-03-03 11:42:25)
payment done. please check.
Admin Reply
Thanks for payment. The hip seat carrier, red, out of stock now. Anyway stock will arrive next week and we will send to u once get the stock.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:baby carrier (2015-03-02 10:53:31)
Sy nak tanya saya ada buat order invois no 2015030253420 baby carrier...ada stok ker? Dan adakah sy perlu menerima email dahulu baru pembayaran boleh saya lakukan?
Admin Reply
warna merah dah habis stok. Tinggal grey dan biru. Warna merah restock minggu depan. Nak tunggu?
[Comment] cheemei:User CommentsPUKU: 止滑碗+胖胖汤叉组 Baby bowl (2015-02-03 21:59:51)5
Is this bpa free ?
Admin Reply
yes. it is BPA free. The bowl is made of PP material and the spoon, fork is made of TPE material

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